Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Our Journey - Help at Every Stage in Life

As children, we go to school to learn about how we can join the world. As adults, we are employed or self-employed, earning a living and making a positive contribution to society. After employment, we may progressively depend on our health systems, and hope to enjoy a rest after 40 or so years of doing our bit.

During employment, we now see huge change and innovation, often brought on by technology and the insight of those who can turn it's application to business or public service advantage.

Today, you can take part in the debate, with good intentions, and respecting others' views and individuality.

Whether your current focus is education, employment, innovation, or health, you'll find topics where you can add value in one of our blogs. How would you solve some of today's pressing issues ? Click on your interest area(s) above and make your views known.

Let's help move us all towards a better world, even if it is only inch by painful inch.